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Admin UI growing pains


  • Mike Dunn started the conversation

    Hi there- we LOVE the functionality of Unite and it is precisely the gallery implementation that we needed for our gaming site to display screenshots and videos in our articles.

    That said, the admin UI within wordpress did not seem like it was designed for the heavy use of several galleries and items that we are currently engaged in. Pagination on the primary gallery list with some kind of column sorting or even search would be ideal. Something similar in item groups is almost essential- we are creating a group for each gallery and having to scroll through them in the 'postage stamp' sized area is getting more and more difficult.

    Again, let me stress how much we really love this plugin and the functionality it brings with it- it is now a crucial part of our site. If there is any additional feedback I can provide, let me know- my day job is in UX

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  •   Max replied privately
  • Mike Dunn replied

    That's encouraging. How does that work? I can't seem to figure it out...

  •   Max replied privately
  • Mike Dunn replied

    Ah yes, please show me the code- that would be PERFECT

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