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  • Rafal started the conversation

    Hi, I've create gallery, I can see preview ofgallery but shortcode doesn't work. All I see is empty page. Tried to troubleshot but it didn't help.

    And what is:

    1. "Gallery>Settings>Item Category" for?

    When it is set to any value I can see empty CMS page.

    When I set it to [Not Selected] I get "Unite Gallery Error: No items category selected"

    2. What is the difference between Shorcodes generated:

    With "Select category below:" > From Gallery Settings, or I can choose value from (1).

    Best regards


  • Rafal replied

    I saw in page source:

    document.getElementById("unitegallery_2_1").innerHTML = "<span style='color:red'>Unite Gallery Error - gallery js and css files not included in the footer. Please make sure that wp_footer() function is added to your theme.<
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  • Rafal replied

    Hallo! Please, take a look at this site.

    It is very important for my project, a I need it to finish till Monday.

  • Rafal replied

    Prestashop verision 1.7.

    There is conflict with: /themes/cores.js

    When I disable this files this file gallery works ok, but none of the other elements base on JS is working.

    Is it possible that You gallery would just use the existing jquery.js on Presta?

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  • Rafal replied

    No troubleshoot option helped.

    I can give access for ftp, back office. But I beg You to make it work!

    Best regards


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  • Rafal replied


    I'm back from Vactions.

    I would like to try to make Your gallery work. Once again I think this one of the best galleries I found.

    Your gallery is under this link:


    Please - try to make it work! :)

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  • Antonio replied

    I have the same problem ... can you help me?

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    Max replied

    yes, please give me a link to your gallery on your page, I'll check.

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