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Custom Hook with UniteGallery


  • Anton started the conversation

    Good day!

    I register a new custom hook in my site and then add it to my category.tpl

    {hook h='displayGallery'}

    then i try to put on it the galley, but cant see there my custom hook. OK, then i go to the provediers of the modul and get it work to choose the right hook position:

    public function hookdisplayGallery(){
    return $this->checkAndPutGallery("displayGallery");

    $arrHooks = array("displayGallery"...

    Now i can choose the position right but im still cant see the gallery at the right place.

    Any advice or guide how to use custom hook with this modul?

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  • Anton replied

    Here is the link with a screens how it use: hook problem (or attachment)

    I mean that i show that custom plain text is work, and we didnt see a hook code at site like a plain text and it's fine!

    Module is workin at moment i make a screens and i use this hook in admin panel in one of my galeleries, but it still not work as usually. The module shows gallery only if i use basic hooks that i have when i install it, not the custom, even if im add it in a cofig files about which we spoke earlier...

    Any ideas or advice?

    - Ok i think i solve the question alone! but thnx a lot!
    - The answer was after adding the hook and choose it in the module, you should go to the module position  section and make a hook connection there. I think it was automaticaly, but its not..

    Thnx a lot for your answers!

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