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JS and CSS are not included in drupal header


  • Solomon started the conversation

    Hey, I'm implementing the Unite gallery in my local dev machine. this are the steps i followed.

    1. Install the unite gallery module

    2. Update the JQuerey as Unite gallery required.

    3. Go to the Unite gallery configuration and I perfectly created a media gallery.

    4. I peak the Gallery Short code [unitegallery nsba_chanel]  and put it to my article content type. 

    but on the result the gallery is not shown in my content.

    I even tried on a clean drupal installation, but the result is the same.

    when i check the page sourcecode, unite gallery's JS and CSS are not there. so the short code can't render the gallery.

    How can I make the JS and CSS to be imported in drupal header?

    Thank you


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  • Solomon replied

    Sorry, I am not working on server but I can push my drupal project to github tonight, if you be able to configure it to your local machine and trace.

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  • Solomon replied

    Hey, Got the answer! this might help all drupal Unite Gallery users.

    Please go to your configuration -> Text formats -> Filtered HTML ( or whatever text format you are using) - > Configure 

    then you will find a check box with "Unite Gallery - Provides unitegallery shortcode filter." and check that, and don't forget to Uncheck "Limit allowed HTML tags" if it is checked. Save configuration.

    When you add unite gallery short code to the body of your content don't forget to select a text format that we configured earlier.

    Then It works perfect. 



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